Ask yourself – “ is there a real difference…..with eHealth” by Graham Gault

I like painting. Which one of these paintings would you hang in your house?

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 One is a PICASSO, the most expensive painting ever sold at auction ($136million) and one is by an “unnamed artist” and made for around £15.00.

The point is……..

  1. on one hand there is a real difference; one is by the most influential painter in our modern era, a very significant statement in art history, owned by the most wealthy family in America for 45 years, only viewable by the public for less than a year of its existence, said to have hidden insight about the painter’s life……but ….
  2. on the other hand, they comprise only of about £15.00 worth of materials, people will either love or hate it irrespective of the artist, and the value is what the highest bidder is prepared to pay.

So what do my views on art have to do with eHealth?

 “eHealth is better healthcare and a healthier life through digital technology”

Have a look at this short video to explain the idea……

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Just as other technologies have revolutionised the way we manage our lives, eHealth has the potential to change how we manage our health care. Technology is part of daily life for most people. Now, one of the most important aspects of your life — your health — will also benefit from new information technology.

As we prepare to open a new District General Hospital in 2017 for the citizens of Dumfries & Galloway, eHealth is being implemented to improve service delivery through a series of innovations and developments.

What does this mean for our patients and staff? More importantly, why are we doing this?

……because we believe it brings real value and genuine improvements to the quality of clinical services and the patient experience.

  • All paper casenotes will be scanned and available on-line anywhere across our region. The hospital will operate as “paperless” offering simultaneous and immediate access to a more comprehensive medical record 24 hrs a day from any healthcare facility across our region.
  • The Electronic Health Record will have automatic updating of patient information from GP systems, remote hospitals (e.g., Golden Jubilee) and social work and will be communicated  in real time by all acute and community clinical  staff.
  • All X-ray and Lab diagnostic test requests will be ordered on-line which will streamline the process and speed up the reporting of clinical results.
  • A new ePrescribing  (medicines management) system will be implemented to optimise the management of patients’ drugs at point of hospital admission and discharge.
  • All areas of the new hospital will have strong wireless signal available offering both private/secure and public internet access. This will support clinical Unified Communication    (Mobile Voice/Messaging/Video) facilities as well as Internet based communications facilities for patients.
  • We will develop our TOPAS patient administration system to include ED (Emergency Dept) functionality which will streamline patient flows through our Combined Assessment Unit removing current communication difficulties with the Wards.
  • High speed broadband circuits will be installed to link our Community Hospitals allowing patients to treated in their local community with the same access to all eHealth systems as in the new hospital.
  • Check in kiosks, on-line check in, Internet booking service will be deployed to facilitate more convenient services for patients resulting in fewer patient DNAs and a more efficient service.
  • Video links will be available from every PC and mobile device and linked to the NHS National Video service allowing clinical and administration teams to communicate face to face with tertiary hospitals in the central belt reducing existing delays in paper communication.
  • Electronic whiteboards on all wards will display relevant patient status information and performance will provide “real time” key performance indicators to allow staff to manage workloads.


So, just as with art, everyone has a gut reaction to such technology, from the sceptics and technophobes to the gadget geeks.

The key difference with our eHealth plans is that everyone will require to embrace the new technological ways of working and over the next 3 years we have a great opportunity to develop the highest quality services to our patients in preparation for opening the doors on the most digitally advanced District General Hospital in Scotland.   



(General Manager – eHealth NHS Dumfries and Galloway)


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