It’s obvious…isn’t it? by @AliceWilson771

It seems pretty obvious to me that recognising and celebrating the achievements of staff is a good way to make them feel valued and to increase motivation at work. We know that people who feel valued deliver a high level of care to patients and clients and support their colleagues in the workplace; so why do we not do more of it?          

Alice 1My mother always said “there’s more than one way to skin a cat”….the point is: recognising achievement and valuing people doesn’t have to be a big deal, it can done in different ways: a quiet thank you at the end of a shift or a hard week, a word to show you have recognised where someone handled a situation well or showed particular kindness to another person, a smile to acknowledge an individual or sharing some good feedback with a team….and including their boss so they have extra recognition!

In the heat of the busy day this recognition can be forgotten and no-one notices but when it is remembered everyone feels better for it and shares that feeling of being a bit lighter in their step; and therein lies my first challenge….every day for a week tell someone when they have done something well – and then just keep telling people!

Sometimes you just have to think BIG!

Alice 2……… and that’s what happened on Friday 22nd August when Dumfries and Galloway celebrated some of the things we do well and recognised the achievement of some of our staff. I personally must pay tribute to the hard work and effort that so many people put in to making a fantastic event and a special mention to Tracee and Nicola (pictured having a well deserved cuppa) who kept us all right on the day…THANK YOU ALL!

We celebrated:

Alice 3Dementia Champions – not only the Champions themselves who presented and who received their awards but also the fantastic partnerships that make the programme possible and that was the forerunner for the national Dementia Champions programme – born in D&G, it has a ring to it! We are also able to celebrate the recruitment of 2 Doctors and 2 Non Executive Directors to our next cohort, not to mention 2 footballers…yes, you did hear right! We heard about a fantastic piece of work using football to help people with dementia and that led to 2 of our local Queen of the South football club members signing up to take part – this is going to be an interesting cohort!

Learning Disabilities Champions – again, we heard presentations from the achievers as well as reflecting a great training partnership and seeing the achievers receiving their awards

Alice 4

Mentors – celebrating the support that staff give to students whilst they are on placement and learning about the reality of the career they have chosen

Alice 5Alice 7Alice 6

Mentor of the year, May Houston and mentoring team of the year, ward 14, with Mike Sabin, Associate Nurse Director, NHS Education for Scotland

Flying Start – celebrating the achievements of newly qualified Nurses, Midwives and AHPs as they launch into their new careers

Alice 8

Care and Compassion – celebrating the work that individuals and groups did as a result of care and compassion workshops which had a huge impact on them

Alice 9

Releasing Time to Care – recognising all the work that teams have put in to complete modules of the programme and make improvements in the way in which they work

Alice 9.1

The achievers are all pictured with Ros Moore, Chief Nursing Officer for Scotland who spent all day at the event, talking to staff and hearing about their individual pieces of work – what a great opportunity for staff to be able to tell their story directly to the Chief Nurse

Ros was not the only dignitary at the event, we had our Chief Executive and Executive Nurse Director as well as many of the Non Executive Directors and representatives from Scottish Government, NHS Education for Scotland and our partner organisations and most importantly all the staff who attended and helped to make it a great day

Alice 9.2

Then we finished it off with cake, cut by representatives of all our achievers!

This day was not (just!) about showing off what fantastic work we do here but about sharing it so we can do more and about putting the people who have achieved things at the centre of our celebrations.

My second challenge is for you to share with me, preferably by commenting on the blog, some good work you know about or are involved in so others can read about it

As for celebrating…same time next year??……………..we’ve already started planning!

Alice Wilson is Deputy Director of Nursing at NHS Dumfries and Galloway.

5 thoughts on “It’s obvious…isn’t it? by @AliceWilson771

  1. Edifying stuff, in responding to the 2nd challenge I would like to mention those who work in the background as cleaners, porters, PA’s, in the kitchens etc and the guys who look after the grounds. Day in day out doing their bit for patient care, doing what at times must seem like a thankless task-so back to the 1st challenge-lets say a big THANK YOU to them

  2. Alice, I love your first challenge – acknowledge someone every day and say something positive to them. This is so simple, yet so effective if everyone does it. Also acknowledge yourself each day for something you have done well and for doing the best you can. Focus on the positive !!

  3. Ros Moore here Scotland Chief Nursing Officer what was really great was to see how different programmes all linked to and together something bigger than each one and had served to create a critical mass of frontline leaders with the same ambitions and values. I was priviledged to be there.

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