Be Willing to Make the Change by Sylvia Crosby

Sylvia 1Having always been a “Border Collie” person and admiring their qualities – attractive, loving, caring and hardworking, I was never very keen on Black Labradors and felt them to be a bit slow and boring ( we admire the traits in our pets that we aspire to in ourselves).

However, after spending a few months on Isle of Islay, escaping the rat race of the mainland, we felt the need of a new 4 legged addition to the family and, through a series of circumstances, and not many puppies available and a potential owner who may have had too much whisky to look after a new puppy, we became the proud owners of a Beautiful Intelligent Labrador puppy who turned into one of the most lovely, caring and attractive dogs we have ever had! !

Sylvia 2So lesson learned and we CAN learn to ignore our lifelong prejudice and accept new thoughts and ideas.

In the World of Physiotherapy, much has changed since I started twenty something years ago, when there was no waiting lists and no computers and lots of electrotherapy (which is still relevant, evidence based but out of vogue). We heated, microwaved and pulsed electric currents of various voltage , type and intensity, lots of exercise therapy and lots of time for group exercise ( which is still relevant but again less fashionable than in the past) and patients got better.

Now we embrace a world of statistics, computers, waiting lists, and are welcoming Manipulation, T’ai chi, Acupuncture and Craniosacral therapy into our treatment plans to name just a few. The new Electrotherapy treatments include Laser, Shock wave therapy and Electroacupuncture, which all have a VERY definite evidence base . And Exercise Therapy remains our constant for everything from Major Heart surgery, MS, and Orthopaedics to an effective treatment for many mental illnesses.

Sylvia 3Hopefully we will continue to embrace change while still holding onto our Core Values, (following a recurring theme in these blogs) and at all times put the patient first in all our patient contacts and treatments to provide a service which embraces the Best of the Old with the Challenges of the New. 


PS I now have a Collie/Labrador cross!

Sylvia Crosby is a Senior Physiotherapist at Moffat Hospital

4 thoughts on “Be Willing to Make the Change by Sylvia Crosby

  1. Hi Sylvia, you’ve got me thinking now, ‘we admire the traits in our pets that we aspire to ourselves’ oh shucks, we’ve got 2 springer spanials, a staffie cross, a jack russell a chihuahua, and 2 grey cats, no wonder my aspirations are confused!! I enjoyed your blog, short, funny and a great message.

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