What Matters to You? by Alice Wilson (& many others!)

“What matters to you?” day is on 6th June and you may have seen information about it around the place. We are encouraged to think about what matters to us and to have conversations with individual service users, their families and our colleagues about what matters to them, so we can use that information to improve the care and support we give to individuals and their families and promote a healthy working environment.

I thought it would be an idea to focus this blog on people who work in our health and care system and asked them to share what matters to them in and out of work and to share a few photos if they wish. I am grateful to those people who have shared what matters to them. Thank you, this blog is yours:


Emma Jackson is a physiotherapist at Newton Stewart Hospital:

In work

Up to date handovers and good communication between staff

Being able to build trusting relationships with patients by using appreciative inquiry, and having the time to get to know them as a person

Out of work

Being able to spend quality time with my family, friends and pets

Having personal goals to work towards

– Being able to get outside as often as possible – walking in long grass with my dogs is my fix

boris and finn 


Morag McMinn, support services assistant, Gerry McDermott, support services manager, Kay Shepherd, support services supervisor

Liz Jardine, support services assistant, Linsey Wharram, support services assistant, Helen McCaig, support services assistant


Morag McMinn:

In work

To come into work and not get hassle.

That staff get things right, especially the care and the care of people with dementia

Out of work

My two granddaughters


Gerry McDermott:

In work

My staff feel respected and part of the whole network of the NHS

Out of work

My kids and the football (Celtic FC)

The kids are growing up fast and I want them to fulfil their dreams

CFC has fulfilled its dreams this year!

G. McDermott & Kids

G. McDermott & Son

Kay Shepherd:

In work

Staff are happy and get on well, there is mutual respect

Staff trust me to come and speak to me


Out of work

My four kids – my weans

my wains!!

Liz Jardine:

In work

It’s all about the patients; I enjoy talking to them and being part of the team

Being able to go to the supervisors and talk to them

Being happy in work


Out of work

My two sons and spending time with my husband as well as my wider family.

Supporting our sons to achieve in life

Lynsey Wharram:

In work

Being involved with the patients, additional responsibility is a privilege, such as taking people on their last journey to the mortuary

Being part of the team, uniform colours don’t matter

Out of work

My wee brother (Murrey) and people now recognising disability more

Proper training for people about disability and dementia



Helen McCaig:

In work

To come to work and being happy working

Being part of making patients feel their privacy is respected

Out of work

My husband and son – we are really proud of our son who is now doing his Masters at

Cambridge University

My cat, Salem

Helping my father who has dementia



Pictured: Jeanie Gallacher and Stephanie Phillips, Primary Care Mental Health Liaison, Stewartry. Norma Cunningham, Community Mental Health Team Support Worker, Stewartry.


Jeannie Gallacher & Stephanie Phillips

In work

As staff working within a new project in Primary Care Mental Health Liaison, it matters to us that patients feel they can have quick access to appropriate mental health treatment.  It matters to us that we forge good working relationships with our colleagues and that the service we provide is supportive and effective.

Out of work

Jeanie –   I feel it is important to have lots of quality time with my family and it matters to me that we try to get away for family days out and holidays!

Stephanie – It’s important to me in my home life that my family are healthy.  I enjoy walking my dog every day and this matters to me.


Norma Cunningham: 

In work

Firstly what matters to me is that I provide a good service to our patients.

It also matters to me that staff feel valued and encouraged to reflect and develop, and that staff receive positive feedback when there have good outcomes for patients.

Out of work

I have learned that it is not what you have in life but who you have in your life. My life is richer for having a family to love, grand children to cherish, friends you can rely on and pampered pets.


Grecy Bell is a GP and Deputy Medical Director in Primary Care



In work

Team work, having a shared understanding of each other’s role and common goals


Out of work

Having time to enjoy shared memories with family and friends




Linda Williamson is a General Manager in Women Children & Sexual Health

Linda has a pictorial creation, representing her in work and out of work “what matters to me”

Linda W


Then there’s me:

Alice Wilson, Deputy Nurse Director

In work

Being able to see the impact of my work on individuals and teams

Knowing that what I do makes a positive difference to the people we care for and their families

Being proud of my profession

Out of work

Spending time with my family and friends and living in a lovely place which feels a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of work. I’m part of a big family and a small community – ideal

Knowing (through whatever means necessary!) that someone will make sure I have nice shoes even when I am no longer able to walk in them!


Pictured: the view I see every day from the front of my house…it is amazing even at the close of the day – the bike is just there to fool you into thinking that’s the only mode of transport I use!

On 6th June and every other day, take a minute to think about what matters to you and ask yourself if you know what matters to your colleagues and those people you care for and support; if not, why not ask them?

Alice Wilson is Deputy Nurse Director at NHS Dumfries and Galloway

7 thoughts on “What Matters to You? by Alice Wilson (& many others!)

  1. What an insight and how striking that so many of us have goals, hopes and concerns which are similar in kind. I can relate to so many people on this blog through these work life and home life revelations. What matters to us matters to many others (whether in or out of a hospital bed).

    • I agree Val, it was a really good example of the reasons we should ask – we agree more than we disagree and sometimes that gets lost

  2. Hi Alice, I love this! Thank you so much for giving us a little taste of what matters to all the lovely folks working in Dumfries & Galloway. I feel inspired!

  3. A lovely great blog Alice (and all those featured)
    Its another reminder that it is very often the simple things that matter most – people, relationships, being happy and feeling as if we have made a difference to others.
    and I’m pleased that dogs (and shoes) are up there too!

    • Thanks Linda, you might know shoes would feature!
      It is amazing what you hear if you just ask people what matters to them

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