Mrs Potato Head by Wendy Copeland

I am an extrovert always have been and although I display some introverted traits as I age, MS Teams has confirmed that at heart I am an extrovert!

What reinforced this for me was when I started Googling this on Sunday morning…

“How to turn yourself into a potato on MS Teams”

Wendy Cope 1

What prompted this was vanity?  I read an article on the perils of WFH (working from home) and discovered that Zoom offers filters, I was slightly aggrieved that we had MS Teams and not Zoom, otherwise I could filter out the facial hair, the large expanse of grey hair that my colourists will need a double appointment to fix, and I could even try and smooth over some of the wrinkles.

However back to reality, and how we can create a sense of normality whilst adapting to new technology.

MS Teams has been brilliant in bringing us together and every time I see Susan Calman and her Bank of Scotland advert I smile and think ‘that’s us’.

As we settle into our new ways, I have been reflecting this week on my reaction and my behaviours whilst using MS Teams.

And I thought it would be good to hear others too, as we will all experience this from our own perspectives.

My reflections:

  • Is it ok to eat whilst on teams…. I do, but I hear others switch of their camera to eat empire biscuits, whilst I crack my way though a mound of pistachio nuts … is this rude?
  • We are good at following rules in D&G, we put up our hands to speak and use our mute buttons. I was on a national call this morning and frankly it was a rabble, white noise and constantly talking over each other… I became all teachery on the chat and issued instructions.
  • I love when kids photo bomb, dogs wander past, or partners provide table service; when people are working remotely, it reminds me we all have lives outside work.
  • I miss the pre meeting chit chat… its straight into business and I miss the spontaneous humour, this, I have not found a solution for, by the time I’ve put my hand up my comment feels inappropriate and forced L
  • I fidget, constantly, and I now have MS Team influencers, (who I’d follow if it was Instagram) who always look calm, serene and do not seem to move. You are now my role model every call, I want to be like you!
  • I also sometimes behave like I am back in Y2 Maths at High School, sitting in the back of the class being the easily distracted pupil passing notes across the desks…..
  • I have also became more vocal…. missing the subtle nuances of body language and reading the room from the shoulder up has made me gubby… not always sure this a good thing.
  • What I also notice is lots of people have found their voice and this brings me joy!
  • And those yet to find your voice – stick your hand up, you will have something meaningful and valuable to add to the conversation, unlike the extreme extroverts, who like to paraphrase what’s already been said five times.
  • An unplanned Teams call is like the door belling ringing at home during lockdown… I find myself ducking for cover
  • I also notice its exhausting being on camera all day… need to build in off camera time
  • And we need to build in pee breaks… am I the only person that finds anything over 60 mins leg crossing long?
  • You can very successfully host a Virtual World Cafe type event ….ask ODL they are experts!

Enough of my extroverted reflections, and I leave you with this to think about.

What do you notice about your MS Teams Behaviour?

Wendy Cope 2

Wendy Copeland

Nithsdale Locality




10 thoughts on “Mrs Potato Head by Wendy Copeland

  1. I’d be in the back row of the classroom with you Wendy being the gubby realist! 😆 Thanks for the humour as always fellow extrovert 🙌

  2. Brilliant- so true! Must be a DEHS thing as I too feel like the inattentive child who is throwing airplanes with notes across the [virtual] room – you may even have been the receiver of a Boing 747.

  3. This it so true Wendy, and waving when you leave a Teams meeting, I don’t normally do that – love this!

  4. My cat Tom has tried to involve himself in a couple of Teams meetings. I think he is wondering what all the fuss is about! Great piece Wendy and very true…regular breaks are key.

  5. Super blog – I have had the same experience in a national meeting – we are very well mannered in D & G.
    Re eating – if Teams meetings are set for a time when food is usually consumed (all the time in my case) then they need to accept that people will be munching something in the background. I do mute myself and try to pick unmessy food but the odd slooter has happened during meetings.

  6. great wee blog Wendy – I have many reflections but I will share this one – there is time for humour and ‘chat’ is great for that – we had a Friends conversation yesterday just before we resumed a meeting after a break (need to build these into long meetings!!) – favourite Friends moments. Not everyone will like it or join in but, for those who want to, it’s light relief before we’re back to the serious business

  7. Not a fan of teams. I’ve never been in a Teams meeting yet where there hasn’t been at least one person with technical issues. They’re best for meetings that are basically someone lecturing everyone else. If you want a discussion with a genuine exchange of views, they are a distant second to face to face.

  8. This made me laugh Wendy. Oh how I miss face to face meetings though. I’ve had conversations with someone’s hair/ eyes/ chest-positioning of laptop always worth checking 😉

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